Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, America. With Obama, you can.

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

Thank you America, for choosing to change.

I'm not even American but I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes when I heard his victory speech. Possibly because it's so easy to see Obama as first a "person" before a "president."

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream has finally come true. The color of a person's skin has transcended political barriers to triumph in the peoples' hearts. This strikes a special chord with me because Martin Luther King Jr. is BU alumni. The American dream has been redefined.

The concerns that Obama is not ready for this post aren't entirely out of place. He is young and has had a comparably short political career when contrasted with that of John McCain. However, his promise for change is convincing and he seems capable of leading the world's most powerful nation into a brand new era. Thank you John McCain for being gracious about your defeat.

Obama's reference to a 106-year-old woman who voted for him in Atlanta, during his victory speech, didn't seem sappy. He wins brownie points for thanking his wife whom he called "the love of his life." Nothing appeals to a girl more than a man who makes no qualms about who his heart belongs to.

The Harvard-Columbia graduate will lead his nation forward - a movement that the nation has been crying out for, heaving under the strain of a crumbling economy and a futile war. The same nation mourns with the new president-elect for his grandmother didn't see this victorious day. The timing is terrible.

This presidential race has been historic. Obama has made history. He will go down in history. Hopefully, he will make some of the country's pressing problems history.

The faith in an Obama-Biden admistration is strong among the American people. Obama is endearing for his power to make a person believe. That I can. That you can. Yes, we can!

Barack Obama, I look forward to your term as the president of the United States of America.


IS said...

You know what he said... he said -- I want to thank my best friend, the love of my life, the rock-stone of my family and the new first lady of the United States -- my wife!!!

Now how would that have felt? What can feel anything better?

the_ego_has_landed said...

"Nothing appeals to a girl more than a man who makes no qualms about who his heart belongs to."

I know! :)

I agree with i too!

i was hoping he won... He was so serious during his speech and thats was I liked. He didnt gloat in the victory, but He was happy and serious enough to address the issues America is facing. And in turn it affects all the other economies.

Reine de mots said...

Do u think it wud hav been a greater victory if Hillary was VP wid him?

Unknown said...

Obama has always been perceived as a person to stick with 'the right thing to do' not only for America but for the World. Most of the times I agree to this phenomena. But he has retracted from issues like outsorcing, which for me has put his credibility under serious he really the man that he is made out to be...honest?Allthough his retraction is a sigh of relief to India, it still is going back on your ideas. Even that is ok if you do not do it under pressure from various lobbies.
Even I believe that he is someone who will bring change to at least America if not the world. However, all I wish from him is not be as foolish and selfish like Bush and have America reach the top again with the rest of us not by being against us.