Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The First

Wow! My first blog ever. I considerd doing this a couple of times before but didn't get down to it. So here I am, putting down my thoughts, for the very first time, for all the world to read. Feedback is welcome.

Where do I begin? I've just started at a new college. It's amazing what 'firsts' feel like. The first rain, your first car, your first love. I kind of feel like that now... Sure, it's not my first time at college, but it's my first time at this one. And, oh yeah...my first blog too.

I'm making new friends, learning new things and never know what to expect from each new day. Sometimes, I've been excited, apprehensive, shy to the extent that I become stand-offish. But I've also been positive, interested and in return, pleasantly surprised.

I'm at this stage where I want to learn EVERYTHING! I want to know all that I possibly can. I've already started making an effort to get my hands on all kinds of info. But the more I find, I only realise that there's so much more. I love the feeling...

It's true...education really is empowerment. It opens your mind to tremendous possibilities. I just hope that one day, everyone has the opportunity to know what that feels like.