Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sand between my fingers

I'm about to leave the city that I've lived in for all but three years of my life. This city is more than home. It defines me.

I'm about to relocate and adopt a foreign land. I know that I will crave familiar sounds and smells. And most of all, the people. The people I love and those that constitute this city's vibrant spirit. I will feel so lost without you, my friends.

I will miss knowing that it's possible to cut through Barton Centre from Church Street to MG Road, or the other way around, without having to walk all the way around. The big, golden Deepam sign that crowns MG Road. Browsing through the crowded shelves of Blossoms or the well laid out ones at Crossword. Hopping over to Gangaram's if you need a book that you can't find in either. Sipping on a cafe latte at Coffee Day watching the evening traffic whizz past. Driving my beautiful black hatchback through streets that I recognise and the silent satisfaction I feel in knowing which ones are one-ways and secret shortcuts. Mastering the art of crossing Cunninghan Road. Knowing what 'Koramangala Exit' and 'Madivala Exit' on the signboards in the basement parking of the Forum Mall mean. Hearing the flow of Kannada from local tongues wondering when the day will arrive that you'll be able to speak like that or at least understand what is being said. Corner House. Cubbon Park. The Leela Palace. Gulmohur trees, The monsoons. Hot bhajjis. Cold Pepsi. Beijing Bites. The maddening traffic. Autos. Two wheelers. Cows, dogs, cats. Life just won't be the same without the chaos.

I'm hopeful about the change. It promises to be exciting and I'm really looking forward to it. But a large part of me will remained anchored here. It's the part that will allow me to pick up where I left off when I return. Until then, I only wish that the new city attempts to be as kind to me as my home has been.


Namitha said...

Hey sweets,

Don't worry, Bangalore will always welcome you, wait for the day you will be back! The streets, the smells, the traffic, the feel of the city would remain, even if the landscape changes over time.

And hope you adapt to the new city with the same warmth. Wish you all the best, dear!

- Ubiquitous - said...

All the very, very best! :-)

Reine de mots said...

I feel the same way. Miss blr and its familiarity. Understand how you feel when you say you wish you could understand the local tongue;)

Anil said...

hey, it is the same for me..i miss my city so much and yearn to get back ASAP. I miss those "settings" very badly.