Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Voices in my Head

For the past few days I had been thinking to myself whether my life had gone in the best possible way that it could have so far. Sure, it might seem absurd that these thoughts crept in in the first place. I mean, no one has a picture perfect life and I'm no exception. But I was wondering how different my life would have been if I had made different decisions. What would it have been like to study medicine and become a doctor? Should I have taken a year off after graduating from high school and travelled? Should I have gone overseas many years ago and completed a Bachelor's degree there? What would it have been like to attend a class composed of students of twelve different nationalities?

These thoughts continued to race around in my head with no answer in sight. I didn't need an answer. I wasn't sure what I needed.

Then the other night, a girlfriend and I were sprawled out with Cosmo magazines in front of us. We girls can never get enough of staring at women's glossies and giggling incessantly over their every nuance. At that moment, my friend made some comment about something in the magazine. And that was it. Just then I knew, we were just like any other girls on any other part of the globe. Our prime interests included make-up, boys and fashion, and shopping of course - things that we have found which are often a common thread that binds most of our sisterhood. We enjoyed late night gossip and midnight snacks. As a plus point, we were educated, pretty (we'd like to think so) and at a stage in our life when we thought we could do just about anything. In my book, that's a lot to have.

Conclusion: I think my life has gone just fine. Pleased to say, all doubts have been laid to rest.

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