Saturday, April 5, 2008

Girl Power!

This was a really great ad I saw the other day:

Shah Rukh Khan – Actor
Earns Rs.247 per minute

Amitabh Bachan – Actor
Earns Rs. 255 per minute

Mukesh Ambani – Industrialist
Earns Rs. 413 per minute

Sachin Tendulkar – Cricketer
Earns Rs. 1163 per minute

Indra Nooyi – CFO, Pepsico
Earns Rs. 2911 per minute

And that's just the beginning of the many fabulous things she's capable of

Don’t abort the girl child.

Disclaimer: I am not a feminist and refuse to be considered as one. I believe in the goodness of men having had several great guys in my life beginning with my father and both my grandfathers. I am simply a pragmatist and a firm optimist who belives that women have a pivotal role to play in the world's walk towards progress.

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Babska said...

i couldn't agree more.