Saturday, December 13, 2008

A train ride away from a plane ride

Class is out for the semester and the winter intersession begins soon. What does that mean for the stragglers on campus before they head off for the holidays? That the B line train has fewer people on it that I've ever seen before. That means it's a pleasure to ride. Train rides without your nose forced up against the glass and a trip back home round the corner. I like the way the last bit of this year before the beginning of the new year is shaping up.


Error said...

totally agree with you.
I still can't believe how fast it is.
Travel safe & see you in spring Ayesha!

ANC said...

I like the crowded T. Have you seen the film Crash? That's mostly why.
Also, thanks a lot for putting up the worst pic you had of me on your multimedia project blog. Really appreciate it P

In love with the city said...

Sorry baby, but you thought all of them were bad. I good a good grade though and big thanks to you :)

- Ubiquitous - said...

Empty trains are such a relief!

And oh, congrats on the good grade that I just got to know about. :D