Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye bye 08!

Usually, just a few days before a new year begins, I attempt to hold on to the last few days that are left of the old one. It's my weird theory that if I yearn for the year to continue just a little longer, that it will. That if I close my eyes tight and wish a little harder, that the old year won't go away as fast as it seems to.

But not this year.

I'm counting down to when the new year will begin so that I can leave 2008 behind.

It hasn't been all bad. I would be cynical if I said it was. I did leave to college in the U.S. and that was great. Living in a foreign country as a student and learning so much in class and out of it was fabulous. I discovered the joys of journalism and the conviction that this is the career path I want to choose. The sense of professional stability was new to the dreamer that I am. And it felt great. It felt right.

But in retrospect, there was too much bad that overshadowed the good.

I said goodbye to my happiest year in college and some of the best freinds I made. Although I spent only a year with them , they really were the people I wondered how I ever lived my life without, before meeting them.

I lost my grandfather. I miss him so much, everyday. I love you Baba.

2008 was chaotic at best. On the last day of this confusing year, here's wishing everyone a peaceful and happy new year 2009!


IS said...

Just like 10 months are college make us feel like it was a lifetime, the 7 months that we have been away from it feel like a century!
While I was doing my look-back-at-the-year analysis, for once I forgot that I was in college for better part of this year!
Doesn't it seem like SO long! Like it had happened somewhere in the past...
Though each moment of that year is as fresh as ever in my mind :)

Have a wonderful new year sweet girl. Lots of love.

ANC said...

Hope your 2009 has all the good of 2008 times 100 minus the bad. See you soon :)

- Ubiquitous - said...


Wish you the same!

Big hug.