Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shut up and Clean up your Act

No, your jokes about women aren't funny. What, no one's ever told you that before?

Racial slurs, fat jokes and making fun of others - I don't know who's laughing but I as sure as hell am not.

Your brazen use of 'f%&k', 'wh%re' and 'sl%t' doesn't impress anyone. It just says that you need to expand your vocabulary.

Body noises, references to feces and bad bathroom habits just mean social decorum or public regard are not your forte. It doesn't paint a pretty picture about your personal hygiene either.

Being mean to children, the elderly or the disabled is not cool. It makes me pity you for being so void - emotionally and intellectually.

The world seems to have forgotten to be nice. Well, the majority. Let's not generalize here. Suddenly, getting 'piss drunk and 'high' are the only phrases that catch anyone's attention along with the usual sex, boobs, booze and drugs banter. A boob in your booze? Perfect. Gives a whole new meaning to coke float.

Grow up. The world won't be nice to those who walk around with hay between their ears.


Babushka said...

You go girl!!! Slam it back with a vocab that could very much be used!

Ayesha said...


gayathri said...

whoa! was this all one person?

Ayesha said...

Hehe, no. They're my comments to a bunch of stuff

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

Oh my god! Who have you been talking to? :P (I'm actually a little scared of the answer considering you spent the major part of yesterday with me!)

Ayesha said...

Very fuuny dahling, this post was written well before yesterday. And why would I want to hang out with ya if I thought this way. We are shopping buddies :)

I said...

Ahh.. there goes my gal.. way to go sweety!
Seems some pent up thoughts just over flowed!

Well written!