Friday, June 20, 2008

My Compliments to the Chef

I just had to put down that Mainland China is by far one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city.

I went back after a while and the food was still as good as I remebered it. The noodles were soft and tossed to perfection with an eclectic blend of Chinese and Indian herbs; the fried rice was fluffy and pristine white with the faintest hint of chicken; the black sauce chicken was crisp and the ginger chicken outdid all others with its mild taste that somehow still lingered on your tastebuds after you had swallowed, but then quickly disappeared leaving you craving for more.

At the end of the meal, my appetite was satiated yet I didn't feel stuffed. The evening was made better with just the right lighting, courteous and prompt service and great conversation with family and friends.

All in all - an exquisite experience.

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Torpedo Alert said...

Oh man! I miss that place and this blog isn't helping one bit. Can't wait to pay a visit to my "second home".