Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend with the girlfriend

Puneet visited me this weekend. The two of us sprawled out in my uber comfortable room with food and gabbed about life, boys, the works. We walked down the street with large smiles on our faces and had lunch at an Italian restaurant - Cafe Paradiso. She had pasta. I had eggplant timbales or grilled eggplant with tomatoes. Then we watched Grey's Anatomy and ordered pizza. And then we still had energy so we took a walk to Iowa Ave. to visit a friend.

Time flies so quickly when you're having fun.


Error said...

Oh!!! She visited you!? How sweet!! It gets cold today in New York, and I wish I could come to DC too!!! I heard you have a very tight schedule there. I am very proud of all of you and it's really a good experience in the capital city!!!

ANC said...

I miss watching Grey's Anatomy with you, my love!