Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The music is playing

The first of our classes ended for the Spring semester. So Prof. Mills took the class to O'Leary's. M and I sipped on a coke and dove into a basket of french fries with ketchup. Nabeela was a little late coming in, but caught up on the conversation. I stayed till the end and chatted.

I can't believe this phase of the B.U. experience is already coming to an end. A couple of months ago, all of this felt so new and unfamiliar. Now...I can imagine little else.

Shruti and I went for a super early dinner to Bertucci's. I hade Fettucine Alfredo chicken with asparagus. Good stuff.

It's late. And I'm sleepy. And happy. And hopeful.


Ying said...

good attitude.
I'm feeling the same way.
New adventure is ahead.
Love this post, full of hope and joy.
Hope to see u soon before you leave for D.C.!

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

I'm ready to be your coolie tomorrow. :)

- Ubiquitous - said...

Fettucine alfredo! :((