Monday, September 24, 2007

Marcel Marceau - A Dime of a Mime

Legendary mime Marcel Marceau passed away recently. For 50 years, he spent his career performing without uttering a single word. Whoever coined the term 'gift of the gab'? It fascinates me that the man achieved so much during his lifetime without speaking. It has always been thought that the ability to think, reason and communicate through words are two of the main reasons that make man the highest being in the order of the animal kingdom. Marcel Marceau probably never heard of the theory since he flouted it so beautifully...the ability to succeed without communicating verbally, that is. Not the ability to think and reason:)

A survivor of the Holocaust, Marceau said (offstage, he was famously chatty) that among the many children who died in the genocide, there may have been a Mozart, an Einstien, someone who could have invented a new cancer drug. I hadn't thought of that before.

To a man who survived one of the ugliest periods in human history, to an artist who revived a dying art, to someone who believed in constantly going Marcel Marceau who lived, loved and entertained...I salute a genius.

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Itika Sharma said...

Though I've never know much about him except for that he was a mime artist and was mentioned once in a while in the papers and that he dies last week.

Your post certainly is one tribute to the man... it just made me wonder why exaclty was he that important!

It set me thinking...